LogR Corrosion Monitor

Corrosion monitoring system

The ProMinent® LogR is a single channel corrosion rate monitor using Linear Polarization Resistance (LPR) to measure the corrosion rate of metals in cooling water treatment applications. Weight loss coupon results can take weeks or months. With the LogR, a reading is taken every 2.5 minutes giving accurate corrosion rates instantly. Select from carbon steel, copper or admiralty sensors.


  • No lengthy corrosion coupon delays – instant measurement

  • Corrosion rate updates every 2.5 minutes

  • Data logs every 5 minutes

  • Stores up to one year of log data

  • Pre-configured for your metallurgy

  • LPR technology

  • CE Approved

  • Alarm relay

Package Includes

  • Monitor, sensor, 24VDC/120VAC power supply
  • Universal power adapter
  • 3/4” sensor entry “T” fitting
  • 4-20mA output
  • Backplate mounting hardware
  • USB flash drive with startup and O&M manuals

Ordering Information

  • Carbon Steel sensor package (P/N 7760788)
  • Copper sensor package (P/N 7760789)
  • Admiralty sensor package (P/N 7760790)
  • 90:10 Cupro - Nickel sensor package (P/N 7761467)
  • Zinc sensor package (P/N 7761468)


LogR Specifications
Corrosion Rate Measure & Display 0.01 to 50.0 mpy for steel
Updates every 150 seconds
4-20mA Output Three wire: Power, Ground & 4-20mA out Resolution nominally 1 part in 4000
Data Logging 1 Year @ 5 minute intervals
Alarm Contacts Normally closed
Rated 24VDC, 250mA
Thermally fused 300mA
Display & Data Link 2x8 LCD Display
USB Host emulation
UP-DOWN & Mode Switches UP & DOWN push buttons
8 selectable display modes, 0 to 7
Conductivity 50 to 9999 uS
Power 9-24VDC, 100mA max.
Polarity Protected
LogR Enclosure Non-metallic, IP65
4 3/8" x 4 3/8" x 1 3/4"
110mm x 110mm x 45mm
Wiring Terminal Blocks Rated AWG 16-26
3.5mm spacing


Sensor Specifications
LPR Sensor (Linear Polarization Resistance) Non-metallic sensor rated at 125ºF (50ºC) max, 125 psi max. Immersed components: ABT, Nylon & Epoxy
LPR_CS 1010 Carbon Steel
LPR_CU CDA 110 Copper
LPR_AM CDA 443 Admiralty
LPR_CN 90:10Cupro-Nickle
LPR_ZN Zinc Galvanizing




Cut Sheet: LogR Corrosion Monitor | Part #: 7750311 | Updated: 10/20/14