Dulcodes LP UV Systems for chloramine degradation

A world first: precise lamp dimming in seconds – even withvarying flows and water temperatures!
Flow up to 523 m3/h

The unique UV systems Dulcodes LP are synonymous with pioneering water treatment – efficient andfree of chemicals. Our patented Vario-Flux high-output lamps with dynamic lamp heating are used inthe Dulcodes LP. Thanks to the unique combination of electronic ballast technology and the Vario-Flux lamps, they can be quickly and precisely dimmed over a broad power range of up to 50% of thenominal electrical power. This always ensures automatic adjustment to varying flows and water temperatures.Efficiency even increases in dimmed mode, which has a particularly positive effect when theactual flow is below the maximum possible flow of the system. The flow in the Dulcodes LP has beenoptimized in a reactor based on intensive computer simulation. At the same time the pressureloss is kept minimal. The resulting uniform radiation dose without over- or under-metering of apartial volumetric flow leads to minimal use of energy, a minimum number of lamps and significantlyreduced life cycle costs.


  • UV system Dulcodes LP for a broad field ofapplication for efficient, safe and chemical-free waterdisinfection
  • Unique dynamic lamp heating adjusts the lampoutput in seconds and provides for optimumdisinfection even with rapidly varying flows and watertemperatures
  • Homogeneous UV dose, thanks to optimized flowbehavior in the reactor, guarantees maximumflow output with a minimum number of lamps andminimum pressure loss
  • Reduced life cycle costs due to the long service lifeof Vario-Flux high-output lamps with low energyconsumption and high UV output
  • High flexibility thanks to vertical or horizontalinstallation
  • User-friendly and intuitive control for the display ofoperating statuses and adjustment of operatingparameters
  • Control cabinet with efficient recirculation coolingensures the long life of electronic componentsand protects against corrosion in aggressiveambient conditions
  • All Dulcodes LP UV units are certified to NSF/ANSIStandard 50


  • Swimming pools
  • Spas
  • Spray pads
  • Zoos and Aquariums
  • Therapy pools


Type Part Number Power Output


Max. GPM 400/ J/m2


Max. GPM 400/ J/m2


Flange Size




Unit Voltage




Chamber Weights Dry/Wet


Cabinet weights


Shipping Dims. (LxWxL)


Dulcodes 1x230LP 1080083 310 158 105 3" 1 230 2.0 42.0/70.5 67 69.7x38.2x20.1
Dulcodes 1x350LP 1080084 430 238 159 4" 1 230 2.5 66.1/132.3 67 70.5x52.0x21.1
Dulcodes 2x350LP 1080086 835 542 361 6" 1 230 4.5 123.5/282.3 75 70.5x52.0x21.1
Dulcodes 3x230LP 1080087 825 682 453 6" 1 230 5.0 143.3/306.4 83 70.5x52.0x21.1
Dulcodes 3x350LP 1080088 1240 1021 682 8" 1 230 6.5 185.1/482.8 83 79.5x65.7x25.2
* 98 %/cm transmission; 400 J/m2 irradiation intensity, calculated according to PSS

Lamp Type: Vario-Flux low pressure lamp
Controller Type:  Deluxe controller, alternatively compact controller
Permissible operating pressure: 150 psi
Permissible ambient temperature:  40-104 ºF
Permissible water temperature:  37-160 ºF
Enclosure rating:  NEMA 12


Cut Sheet: Dulcodes LP UV Series | Part #: 7750227 | Updated: 8/8/17

Manuals And Instructions

Manual: Dulcodes LP UV | Part #: 983668 | Updated: 8/8/17