Dry Feed Solutions

PolyRex is a double-deck preparation station for the processing of liquid and powdery polymers. The preparation station consists of the delivery and mixer unit and the two double-deck tanks or larger tanks side by side, made of stainless steel.

PolyRex double-deck preparation station

The upper tank is the preparation/maturing tank; the bottom tank is the storage tank for the prepared polymer solution. The powdery polymer is transported to the powder feeder by a vacuum conveyor and mixed with water in the bottom mixer unit. The solution is than transferred to the upper tank (preparation/maturing tank) using the water pressure of the diluent water. Having matured, the solution can be transferred to the bottom storage tank via the motor valve.
When using liquid polymers, the system switches to the Spectra eccentric screw pump.
A Siemens PLC S7 automatically controls the system.
PolyRex basically consists of the following components:

  • Vacuum conveyor and powder feeder to meter powdery polymers and an eccentric screw pump to meter liquid polymers.
  • Water fitting with wetting cone and injector to produce an effective and homogeneous polymer solution from powdery polymers (modified system when using liquid polymers)
  • Double-deck tank made of stainless steel for maturing and storing the polymer solution.
  • Motor valve to transfer the solution to the storage tank.
  • Agitator in the upper tank for a gentle mixing of the polymer solution
  • Control cabinet with S7 control for automatic control of the system.
  • Capacities to 35 kg/hr dry products

ProMdry™ Dry Chemical Feed System

Compact Dry Chemical Feed Package

The ProMdryTM system is designed to mix dry chemicals into solution prior to adding to the water treatment process. The volumetric feeder dispenses dry chemical into the mix tank while the flow switch is monitoring water entering the mix tank. The dry chemical and the water are introduced directly into the prop style tank mixer, where they are mixed into solution. The solution is then drawn from the opposite side of the tank to the process. (...more)

PolyRex Polymer Feed System

Integrated Dry / Liquid Polymer Feed System

The PolyRex is a turn-key automatic feed system for batch-wise preparation and metering of polymer solutions from powdered or liquid chemicals.
The PolyRex feeds an adjustable flow of powdered or liquid polymers and an adjustable flow of preparation and dilution water. The PolyRex uses a step-by-step mixing system to effectively hydrate and mix the polymer to a homogenous and activated polymer solution. The initial step is the hydration system, where the polymer is wetted, followed by water acceleration in the ejector, and the efficient but gentle agitating in the mixing tank. The PolyRex step-by-step mixing system provides you with the most efficient way to produce a polymer solution. (...more)

For Safe Discharge and Accurate Metering of Solids

The Multiscrew Feeder is the core of all ProMinent® dry feed packages. Application specific systems are available to satisfy the dry feed handling, mixing, delivering and controlling requirements for all of your dry feed needs in both the Municipal and Industrial market place.

With unique construction, Multiscrew Feeders are outstandingly suitable as metering devices for both granular and arch-forming materials. (...more)

PolyRex Optimo Polymer Wetting System

Wetting system

The ProMinent® Optimo wetting system is adapted for very high efficiency of polymer mixing. The unique construction has been developed especially for customers with high demands.
Optimo consists of a closed wetting system with a double-screw feeder, heated outlet area and a mixing pump for highest possible efficiency. This results in an accurate, reliable and dust free preparation of polymer solutions. Optimo in combination with the ProMinent® PolyRex provides a complete system that offers clear polymer solution with minimal polymer consumption. (...more)