*No Longer For Sale in US*

DulcoFlex DF2a Series

Peristaltic pumps for swimming pools

The ProMinent® DulcoFlex DF2a peristaltic pump has been specially designed for use in swimming pool applications. These environments require extra quiet pumps for metering disinfectants and pH adjustment chemicals. Since metering takes place in pools at comparatively low backpressures of approx. 21.8 psi, a peristaltic pump offers the optimum solution for these applications. Reliable priming and metering, even of gaseous media, practically silent operation and a very good cost-of ownership ratio are the strengths of the ProMinent® DulcoFlex.


  • Spring-loaded rollers ensure constant rolling pressure and increase the service life of the pump

  • Continuous operation guaranteed safe at 113 oF (45 oC), no interruption during start up

  • Inner hose fastening with Hastelloy-C circular springs for maximum connection seal

  • Ball-bearing mounted rotor in cover for long service life

  • Reliable metering of the smallest quantities including problem-free metering of gaseous chemicals

  • Simple to use and maintain


  • Metering of conditioners in private pools
  • Metering of ribbon grease in bottling machines
  • Metering of detergents in dishwashers


  • Max flow rate: 0.63 gph (15 gpd)

  • Max pressure: 21.8 psi