Bottle Rinsing Machines

Bottle rinsing machines are continually being developed and improved by manufacturers, particularly with respect to cleaning quality and cost efficiency. By using proven ProMinent equipment, the potential of the bottle rinsing process can be maximized.

Regardless of whether it is a single or double-end, a small or large system, all bottle-rinsing machines have similarly arranged cleaning zones.

  • Presoak
  • Preinjection
  • Main caustic solution
  • Subsequent caustic solution
  • Warm water 1
  • Warm water 2
  • Cold water
  • Fresh water

The cleaning chemicals must be dosed into the respective cleaning zones. Therefore reliable, exact measurements, control and metering are needed.

In the caustic solution metering areas, conductive measuring and control systems using DMT or D1C controllers, are used in combination with the ProMinent Beta, gamma or Sigma metering pumps for metering caustic solutions, additives and defoaming agents. The pH value is monitored and anti-scalant agents are dosed in the water areas while disinfecting components are added in the cold-water areas. DMT and D1C controllers are also used for these processes along with pH, Redox, peracetic acid or chlorine dioxide probes.

A particularly elegant and hygienic solution is the metering cabinet complete with pumps and daytime chemical tanks. The daytime chemical tanks are supplied from the cleaning agent stock tank and their levels monitored. In this way no open chemical or chemical handling takes place in the production area. The chemical feed metering lines can be made very short, benefiting dosage precision.

Cost-effective chlorine dioxide is used in the cold-water zone instead of peracetic acid, which is much more expensive. Depending on measured values, chlorine dioxide is dosed into the cold-water zone at around 2.0 ppm and dosed proportional to volume into the fresh water injection line (sterilizing only in permitted concentrations for drinking water).  For disinfecting the headspace a valve is provided in the cold-water zone circulation. Because of a certain amount of aerosols containing chlorine dioxide, a better biological picture evolves in the head area.

The ProMinent distribution concept makes it possible to use the ClO2 produced by a central chlorine dioxide generator on one or several washing machines.