Metering of Conveyor Lubricants

The bottle transportation system provides a vital link between the individual machines in a filling generator. Faults during bottle transportation can lead to the whole filling line coming to a standstill thereby incurring downtime costs. The lubrication of conveyor chains is, therefore, extremely important. Lubrication must always be sufficient so that the equipment functions without friction and wear marks are kept to a minimum on both conveyor system and bottles. At the same, time operating costs must be kept low.

Conveyor lubricants are prepared in a central metering unit. The solution is then passed via piping systems to the jets and evenly sprayed at low pressure. The pressure must not be too high, otherwise undesirable aerosols may arise.

The jet systems are usually turned on and off using time-controlled solenoid valves, saving water and chemicals. In order to guarantee the same concentration in the changing flow volume, systems are used which adjust for variations in flow volume.

Gamma/Dos: The innovative and reliable, proportional metering unit for conveyor lubrication

This metering unit is also suitable for numerous other applications in addition to conveyor lubrication. It can be used wherever fluid has to be dispensed proportional to the water flow and where different time functions are required.

Also, pump programming allows automated time changes for additions of fluid concentrate. Recording dosage quantity is a function integrated into the pump. To this end, at the initial stage of operation, the pump measures capacity in liters and the required quantity is registered in the pump.  The pump separately calculates the precise dose required from this default setting, the number of cycles and volume per stroke.


  • Automatic start up mode: For continuous injection over an adjustable time range, after automatic change to injection/pause mode has ended, boost function for time-limited increased concentration. After the boost period has elapsed normal concentration automatically resumed
  • Time-controlled solenoid valve: Adjustable on and off time switch
  • Locking the pump and the solenoid valve when there is a product deficit
  • Product quantity recording: Can be read on the pump display
  • Optimum adjustment: pre-selection of concentration using integrated pulse distributor, stroke length adjustment for fine-adjustment of fluid concentration
  • Housing made of stainless steel
  • Integrated pipe casing: Pressure reduction valve, solenoid valve and flow meter
  • High dosage precision
  • Easy operation of the main functions: boost (increased concentration), hand operation, automatic control, off

Methodology for lubricating conveyor systems

After cleaning the conveyors, whether manually or using the T-CIP, the belts will need a higher concentration and quantity of conveyor lubricant for a defined, limited time after start up. This is achieved by a pre-programmed, time-limited, continuous injection process.


  • The solenoid valve is activated for one hour (continuous injection). At the same time the concentration is increased for 30 minutes by a certain percentage.
  • Thereafter the equipment switches to its normal operating mode, for example with clocked dosage at a ratio of 20 seconds on and then 40 seconds off.
  • Both during the running-in mode and normal operation, the pump dispense the adjusted concentration in proportion to volume and records by computer the dosed quantity. This can easily be read on the display.
  • As soon as the chemicals’ container is empty, the alarm sounds and the pump automatically switch the solenoid valve off.