Every industry has its own peculiarities. This is especially true for water treatment and chemical fluid handling processes. We at ProMinent recognize this and have adapted our products and services accordingly. However, ProMinent does not have a team of specialists for each and every industry either. Therefore we have two business areas with different focuses: Chemical Fluid Handling (CFH) and Water Treatment Solutions (WTS). (...more)


Industries Served




Business Areas CFH and WTS

CFH: System Solutions for Chemical Fluid Handling

In the ProMinent business area, Chemical Fluid Handling (CFH), we offer substantially more than -just- individual components of metering technology. Our solutions cover the entire process chain that a liquid chemical has to pass at a customer’s site: storage – transfer to the metering point - metering - neutralization. (...more)

WTS: Process Solutions for Water Treatment

One of ProMinent's core areas of expertise, Water Treatment Solutions (WTS) concentrates on the Beverages, Food, Drinking Water Supply and the Swimming Pool Industries. For these industries we have extensive industry specific know-how. Making use of the latest and most advanced methods of water treatment, we offer complete system solutions for water treatment. Our customers always get the best innovative and economical solutions with unsurpassed service. (...more)