CFH: System Solutions for Chemical Fluid Handling

In the ProMinent business area, Chemical Fluid Handling (CFH), we offer substantially more than -just- single components of metering technology. Our solutions cover the entire process chain that a liquid chemical has to pass at a customer’s site. Starting with storage, then transfer of the liquid chemical to the metering point, metering by means of a metering pump and the appropriate measuring, control and sensor equipment, up to the point where the chemical leaves the customer’s site in the waste water. Here, we can assure legal conformity of the wastewater quality e.g. with a fully automated wastewater neutralization system.

In the CFH area, we serve a large range of industries: namely, all industries except the Food and Beverage Industries, the Drinking Water Supply Industry and the Industry for Public Swimming Pools. (These last named industries are served by the ProMinent Water Treatment Solutions area). Some examples of industries served by our CFH specialists are the Chemical Industry, Municipal Waste Water Disposal, the Oil and Gas Industries, the Chemical Retail Branch, the Electroplating Industry, the Semiconductor Industry, the Paper Industry etc.

Your advantages: One competent supplier and contact partner, no integration problems between the individual components, no self-mounting work necessary. If desired, the entire system will be delivered pre-mounted ready for operation - or installed and commissioned by our engineers at your site.

In detail, our offer consists of the following:

  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Transfer Pumps
  • Metering Pumps in the range of a few mL e.g. for laboratories up to 10,567 gph (40,000L/h) e.g. for large applications in the process industry
  • Measuring, control and sensor equipment, especially for applications related to metering
  • Complete metering systems and polymer preparation systems, standardized or customer-specific, completely mounted and ready for operation.
  • In addition to comprehensive consulting for product selection and metering application optimization, we offer numerous after sales services, such as trainings, maintenance service, repair etc.

An important feature in Chemical Fluid Handling is the precise integration of individual components and the cooperation with superordinated systems. Here we have extensive experience in integrating various Bus systems such as PROFIBUS®-DP and CANopen.