WTS: Process Solutions for Water Treatment

One of ProMinent's core area of expertise, Water Treatment Solutions (WTS) concentrates on the Beverages, Food, Drinking Water Supply and the Swimming Pool Industries. For these industries we have extensive industry specific know-how. Making use of the latest and most advanced methods of water treatment, we offer complete system solutions for water treatment. Our customers always get the best innovative and economical solutions with unsurpassed service.

We offer specific WTS (Water Treatment Solutions) to customers in many industries including:

  • Beverage
  • Food
  • Drinking Water Supply
  • Public Swimming Pool

In addition to the range of systems solutions covered in the Chemical Fluid Handling (CFH) area,
our offer in WTS also includes:

  • Chlorine Dioxide Generating Systems
  • Chlorine Electrolysis Systems
  • UV Systems
  • Ozone Generating Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems

Additional services are

  • Comprehensive process consulting to optimize water treatment
  • Engineering services
  • Installation and on-site commissioning.

With this portfolio we cover all major water treatment technologies, which enables us to provide a technology-independent optimization of the water treatment solution.

Your advantage: You can be sure to receive ideal solution both technically and economically because
ProMinent is not limited to specific technologies, as is the case with all other providers.
Furthermore, we provide custom combinations of technologies that bring results in water treatment that
are not possible by conventional processes.

We see our role as being a competent solution partner. This means close cooperation with generator
designers and engineering houses, generator manufacturers (OEM) and/or with operators. For our OEM
customers we are a systems supplier of segments of the total water treatment process, especially when
it comes to hygiene and disinfection. To end customers from the target industries, we offer complete
solutions for water treatment.