Disinfection of Drinking Water

The supply of clean potable water is one of today's major global challenges. The natural water resources that can be used without treatment are very limited. We are dedicated to treating available water resources using proven methods in such a way that potable water of best quality is achieved. To do so, we are able to utilize a broad portfolio of the world's best water treatment technologies.

The Challenge

The public and private supplies of chemically, physically and hygienically sound potable water are among the major global challenges of the 21st century. Natural water resources that can be used without further treatment are very limited. ProMinent supports its customers in coping with this challenge.

Advantage for our customers: one single contact and responsible partner for the complete water treatment solution. Our experts in the areas of Drinking Water have detailed knowledge and many years experience in the potable water sector and can therefore set up the optimum combination of technologies and products.

The Requirements

Potable water for human consumption has to comply with high standards regarding its chemistry, physics and hygiene. These standards are defined globally by the potable water standards issued by WHO (World Health Organization) as well as similar individual standards in United States and Europe. In general, all define that potable water must be:

  • clear
  • neutral in smell and taste
  • not too salty
  • physiologically and hygienically sound

Public water suppliers (e.g. municipalities) as well as private water suppliers (e.g. hotels or industries) have to ensure their potable water supply is complying with these standards.

Treatment Methods

Unfortunately, natural water resources like groundwater or water originating from lakes, rivers or seas rarely comply with these standards. As a result, it is necessary to treat these waters should they be considered for potable water supply. The main treatment methods, among others, are:

  • flocculation
  • sedimentation
  • oxidation
  • filtration
  • adsorption
  • desalination
  • disinfection

Depending on the specific requirements we combine these methods in the optimum way to offer to our customers the best solution possible, both technologically and economically.


We utilize our own products and systems to meet our high standards regarding reliability and quality. The following products are used:

  • Solenoid and Motor Driven Metering Pumps
  • Controller DULCOMETER®
  • Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Sensors DULCOTEST®
  • UV-Systems Dulcodes
  • Ozone Systems OZONFILT® and Bono Zon®
  • Chlorine Dioxide Systems Bello Zon®
  • Polyelectrolyte Make up and Metering Systems Ultromat®
  • Gravity Filters INTERFILT® SK
  • Reverse Osmosis Systems Dulcosmose®
  • Metering Systems DULCODOS®