Oxidation/Disinfection of Swimming Pool Water with Ultraviolet Light and Ozone

Complimenting conventional disinfection with chlorine, disinfection or oxidation steps with Ultraviolet light and Ozone are also available. Both UV generators and Ozone generators can handle difficult conditions and/or reduce the use of sodium hypochlorite to a minimum. The use of additional treatment steps helps to degrade by-products to the reaction. The reference values of the disinfection product can be minimized, unpleasant odor or the development of trihalomethanes will be prevented. Bathing pleasure will increase.

UV Light

UV light removes compound chlorine from the bathing water. Thus, UV generators are the ideal solution to maintain limit values for compound chlorine. They can easily be retrofitted, installed into the conduit and require little space. No resistance problems can appear. Despite an improvement of the microbiological water quality, the subsequent use of a disinfectant with repository (depot) effect (chlorine) is indispensable.


The typical odor of indoor swimming pools can be avoided by oxidizing chloramines and cloudifiers with Ozone. This will increase the clarity level of the water  without generating chemical by-products. The oxidation power of Ozone covers the whole spectrum of water contents and, in combination with activated carbon, gives results satisfying the highest demands!

The German Standard DIN 19643 allows the load factor k (quotient of nominal load and volume flow) to be 20 % higher than for conventional water treatment methods when water is treated with Ozone. Thus a smaller circulation pump, a smaller filter and possibly a smaller pipe diameter can be chosen. Beside investment costs, operation costs are also reduced. The lower circulation decreases the electric input capacity of the circulation pump, the smaller filter size reduces the amount of water needed for the backwash (costs for water and energy for the supply water to be heated) and shorter backwash time also mean reduced operation costs.

For therapy pools (in homes for the handicapped or hospitals, etc), where the demands for water hygiene and quality are extraordinarily high, water treatment with Ozone is compulsory in some countries like in Germany. Ask operators of therapy pools! You will learn that with Ozone treatment problems of trihalomethanes and compound chlorine have never existed and never will.