New F module: additional functionality

You'll have heard it said that the person holding the remote control is in charge. The same is true with the powerful measuring and control unit DULCOMARIN® II. The new F module is a further extension because it can be used to control additional peripheral components and devices as and when needed.


The F module communicates with the DULCOMARIN® II DXCa via a CAN bus to both monitor and control up to 16 water circuits. It combines all the previous functions of the A and P module. For example, circulation mode, automatic back washing, water level control, heating control and gutter cleaning can all be controlled. But the new module can do more than that: for example, open and close the swimming pool cover, control the counterflow system and massage jets or activate and deactivate the underwater lighting. For users of the modern system, this translates into fewer installation costs and simpler operation. So the F module offers what its name suggests: genuine additional functionality!