Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Water Treatment in Swimming Pools is a complex challenge. For decades, ProMinent has been one of the leading partners in the Swimming Pool section and has offered comprehensive solutions. Be it flocculation, filtration, pH correction or disinfection – ProMinent systems are inter-adjusted and individually combinable. Whether for a 33 ft. (10m) pool in a hotel or a care facilityor for a water park with more than 20 pools.

ProMinent accompanies the swimming pool designer, builder and operator from the first concept to the successful commissioning. The target is the conception of ideal water treatment.

With our systems and products, you get the ideal complete solution – independently from the technology used.

  • Our products are completely and intelligently integrated. With a very high percentage of in-house-production, we assure highest quality levels.
  • Beside the system components themselves, we offer networking with the newest control technology.
  • ProMinent assists with the design: profiting from experience accumulated with projects throughout the whole world
  • Spare parts and customer service are available worldwide

ProMinent offers all current processes for swimming pool water treatment from one source:

  • Flocculation: The addition of flocculants makes fine partitioned and released pollutants filterable. ProMinent offers containers and metering pumps for an exact metering of flocculants and polyelectrolyte-generators by ProMinent supply perfect polymer solutions.
  • pH Correction: A pH value between 6.5 and 7.6 must be maintained in order to ensure protection of the bathing guests and the pool itself. ProMinent sensors and metering systems assure pH values with absolute certainty.
  • Disinfection with Chlorine: In the swimming pool sector, disinfection with Chlorine is obligatory – fast germ elimination and high oxidation capacities argue for Chlorine. ProMinent offers the right generators for Chlorination.
  • Oxidation and disinfection with UV: UV disinfection removes compound Chlorine from the bathing water. Despite an improvement of the micro biological water quality, the use of a disinfectant with depot effect (Chlorine) afterwards is indispensable.
  • Oxidation and disinfection with Ozone: The typical indoor swimming pool odor can be avoided by oxidizing Chloramines and clouding agents with Ozone. This increases the purity of the water, as no chemical by-products are generated. The generators for Ozone generating are – of course – made by ProMinent.
  • Softening: For the protection of the entire installation, water hardness is regulated. This increases the lifetime of the facility.