ProMinent® Chlorination Package

Water Treatment Systems for Building Re-opening

The Problem

The Corona Virus Pandemic has caused a multitude of problems in many sectors of the US. The stay-at-home rules and the abandonment of hotels, offices, manufacturing plants and many other facilities have left these building's water systems in a low flow or stagnant state. The potential for microbiological growth is greatly increased and with it the possibility of pathogens, such as Legionella being present. The presence of these microbes in drinking water, showers, cooling towers, etc. is a very real concern from a health and liability point of view.

The re-opening of these buildings will require flushing of all runs and fixtures if they have not been properly maintained and flushed during closure. A more aggressive approach utilizing a disinfectant such as chlorine will be more prudent and reduce liability.

All government agencies recommend flushing the water system, but for reduced liability and increased safety, hyperchlorination should also be considered.

A ProMinent® chlorination control system will increase the likelihood of success and may reduce your liability by maintaining a constant residual and having data logs recorded, which validate your treatment process.

ProMinent® is a leading supplier of chlorine control systems in municipal and industrial applications. We have packaged control systems available specifically for this application. These ProMinent systems will provide a consistent chlorine dosage in a circulating or non-circulating system and data log these readings. The ProMinent system can also be used at different points of use throughout the facility to document chlorine levels before and after chlorination.

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  • Turnkey approach- all necessary devices arrive mounted on a panel; just provide power and the sample water
  • Proven accuracy, reliability and durability in municipalities for many years
  • Portable system that can be easily located in different areas of the facility
  • Datalogging and graphing for reduced liability and on-site verification of the process
  • Remote communication - via cell modem or LAN to track the progress of the treatment
  • EPA approved method for "on-line" chlorine monitoring

These chlorination packages in conjunction with ProMinent® chemical pumps will provide a superior level of confidence that the water in your building or cooling tower is "ready for use" when used in accordance with EPA recommendations and administered by a water professional.


Rating - Detail Notes
Analog-Digital I/O
Conductivity Serial Sensor Tower & Integral Flowswitch sensors Default tower sensor includes 1GPM integral flowswitch & temperature
Conductivity Sensor Boiler & Condensate sensors Standard Sensor
Fixed Temperature Sensor Input Thermal compensation for both pH and Conductivity Displayed as oF, oC or oK
Fixed 4-20mA Current Loop Input Assignable to control any relay or variable frequency control Single point calibration if 4mA=0
4-20mA Current DC isolated, Manual & Auto modes, Interlocking, Alarm Each optional current output uses a dual sensor card slot
Manual-Inventory-Inputs Track drop counts, inventory, tank level, ppm Alarmed delay prevents premature system ppm alarms
Communications User Interface
Keypad-LCD 9 Key tactile feedback, 3 Function keys, 4 line Backlit  
10/100 Mbps, TCP/IP Ethernet, wifi (Optional LAN, Future Modbus & Modbus RTU) HTML micro web server with user definable IP address Static IP, Browser shows controller in real time
Controls for ON/OFF & Variable Frequency
Sequential Volume Setpoints Feed a fixed volume for every make-up controls Meter only, fault tolerant feed controls
Blocking Any of 9 controls may block any other control Prevents incompatible concurrent controls
Interlocking Up to 4 contact sets can be ‘AND’ed or ‘OR’ed Relays & Frequency controls OFF when contact set opens
Biocide Event Controls Each of 9 controls includes 28 timed events Each control selectable for 1, 7 & 28 days
Electrical 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase Universal Power Supply
Fusing for 2 AC powered loads 6.3 Amps @ 250VAC Alarm on open AC load fuse
Surge Suppression 5 snubbed contacts RC / Varistor on AC line input
Enclosure Non-metallic, IP 65 / NEMA 4X 13.46” x 8.94” x 3.07” (342 x 227 x 78 mm) (WxHxD)
CSA: Pending CSA tested to comply with UL (Pending)


Application Cut Sheet: Water Treatment Systems | Part #: 7750027 | Updated: 6/10/20