ProMtrac Controller

Cooling Tower Controller

No Longer Available, For Reference Only!!!

ProMinent®’s intuitive rotary interface provides simple menu navigation while offering flexibility and reliable control. The Start Up Wizard makes programming fast and easy.
Comprehensive, pre-configured programming is also available at no additional cost using ProMinent®’s latest innovation, Plug & Feed. Complete programming is handled during manufacturing based on customer provided data.

Features & Benefits

  • LED Alarm status indicator
  • Fluorometer compatible with ppb control
  • Rotary interface with menu selectable push button keys
  • Start Up Wizard for fast and easy programming
  • Data logging with USB drive
  • Browser command & control
  • 7 Analog inputs with flexible offering:

                        2 Conductivity inputs for cycle control pH or ORP input

  • 2 water meter inputs for feed on bleed meter and meter cycles control
  • 5 Relays with 4 state LED indicators and adjustable faceplate descriptions

                        1 standard powered solenoid or motorized ball valve relay
                        4 interchangeable powered or dry contact relays

  • 6 State LED indicator for system status
  • Up to 2 high resolution 4-20 mA outputs
  • User selectable thermal or mechanical flow switch
  • Load fuse alarm


Power:                                 115/230 VAC, 50-60HZ, 5 amp
Conductivity Sensor #1:        Tower conductivity sensor includes integral temperature and flow sensors
Conductivity Sensor #2:        Make-up water conductivity sensor includes integral temperature and flow sensors
pH/ORP Sensor:                   ProMtrac can be configured with either a pH or ORP probe
Flow Meter #1:                    Accepts paddlewheel pulse output flow sensor
Flow Meter #2:                    Accepts paddlewheel pulse output flow sensor
4-20mA:                              For use with loop powered fluorometer. ProMtrac has internal power supply for sensor.


4 Mechanical Relays, Form A dry contact with optional 115/230 VAC, 5 Amp power available

1 Relay dedicated for bleed valve
            (Note: Total load for all five relays fused at 5 Amp total. Motor driven pumps will require interposing starter.)

4-20mA, 300 Ohm resistive
            Can be configured to represent conductivity, pH or ORP

USB Features

Controller configuration
            Configuration file can be uploaded quickly and easily from memory stick

Operational Datalog:

  • Signal values
  • Relays status
  • Analog value(s)
  • Time stamp

Data easily imports into spreadsheet


10/100 Base T, TCP/IP Ethernet LAN HTML micro web server with user definable IP address


Enclosure:             Polycarbonate NEMA 4X (IP65)

Display:                 4 x 20 character backlit liquid crystal

Shipping weight:    7 lbs (3 kg) (approximately)

Sensor manifold/backpanel option

Connections:         ¾” NPTF

Temperature:         140°F (60°C)


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