Trackster 3

Trackster 3 is the command and control software for MultiFlex and Aegis Controllers for cooling towers and boilers. Multiflex and Aegis controllers may control multiple cooling towers or boilers or a mix of boilers, towers and closed loops. Trackster provides you with the tools to view and control the water treatment of both simple and complex installations in real time. Report generation, data import/export, manual data entry, alarm logging and controller networking tools fill up the Trackster toolbox.

Real Time Views of Your Cooling Towers and Boilers
Use the tower and boiler Views provided with Trackster or use the view editor to move the pipes, pumps, valves, towers, boilers... to look like your site or sites. Import your own images/photographs to make your own custom LiveViews. Trackster allows you to watch as pumps and valves turn from green to red, conductivity increases, pH drops, flow switches ON, corrosion rates trend, biocides pump, water meters make-up and blowdown valves flash, feedwater temps fall and sulfite feed ramps up: - It's all visual and all real time. Site Structured Reporting Controllers are organized by Site; where a Site may be a physical location or all controllers and manual entry logs associated with one customer. Reports may merge data from all controllers from any site.

Remote Connections
In addition to connecting to your controller locally, Trackster 3 gives you the capability to connect to your controllers via modem and/or Ethernet. This means that you can be located anywhere in the world and still have total control of your cooling and/or boiling controls. Complete Maintenance and Configuration Toolbox Adjust setpoints, reset alarms, re-calibrate, switch inhibitor feed modes and biocide timing, span 4-20mA loops, monitor corrosion rates tank levels, tower and feedwater temperatures... Adjust water meters, set pager dial-out, switch pump control sensors. AutoPoll Historical Data and Alarms Trackster 3.2 supports two different types of AutoPolling - 1. AutoPoll Historical Data and 2. AutoPoll Alarms. 1. AutoPoll Historical Data - Automatically download historical data from controller's and optionally, email out the historical data to one or more Email recipients. 2. AutoPoll Alarms - Trackster will check for new alarms on your controller's. If one or more alarms are found, Trackster will email the information to one or more Email and/or Cell Phone recipients. Being notified via your cell phone can have you aware of any and all alarms from all of your controller's up to the minute!

Note: With Trackster 3 you AutoPoll our legacy SmartFlex and SmartAS controllers for Historical Data and Alarms. After you download the data, you can use Trackster 3 to create and view SmartFlex and SmartAS reports.

Powerful Reporting Tools
Combine multiple controllers and formula's into one report. View sensor data with respect to control setpoints and/or alarms. Share your reports via Email. Export and Import Tools Export Trackster reports and raw data directly to Excel and other formats.

Note: With Trackster 3 you can download historical data from our legacy SmartFlex and SmartAS controllers. After you download the data, you can use Trackster 3 to create and view SmartFlex and SmartAS reports.

View and configure your controller with customizable LiveViews.




Trackster Help Video Index

Click on one of the links below to watch a Trackster Help video on YouTube

(7/24/13) Trackster Program WEBINAR: A recorded copy of the webinar presented by Pam Simmons, PFC Regional Sales Manager on how to use Trackster and helpful tips.

How to export all controller data from Trackster 3 into Excel: This video shows you how to use Trackster to export all the historical data of one controller to Microsoft Excel 2007. After importing the data into Excel, this video will show you how to reformat the data (in the spreadsheet) in a cross-tab presentation.

Variable Cycles Configuration: Demonstrates how to configure a relay (chemical pump) for a Variable Cycles application.

Toggle Digital Input: Demonstrates how to configure a digital input to a Meter or a Contact Switch.

Time Modulation Configuration:Demonstrates how to configure a relay for a Time Modulation application.

Timed Cycling Configuration: Demonstrates how to configure a relay (chemical pump) for a Timed Cycling application.

Prebleed Lockout Configuration: Demonstrates how to configure a relay (chemical pump) for a Prebleed Lockout application.

Percent Time Configuration: Demonstrates how to setup a relay (chemical pump) for a Percent Time application.

Holding Time Configuration: Demonstrates how to setup a relay (chemical pump) for a Holding Time application.

Captured Sample Configuration: Demonstrates how to setup a relay for a Captured Sample application.

Bleed-Then-Feed Configuration: Demonstrates how to setup a relay (chemical pump) for a Bleed-Then-Feed application.

Bleed-And-Feed Configuration: Demonstrates how to configure a relay (chemical pump) for a Bleed And Feed application.

SMTP Outgoing Email Server Configuration: Demonstrates how to setup the email server settings. The email server settings are used when you setup AutoPoll to email out historical data and/or alarms.

Open Report Template: Demonstrates how to open a saved template (report)

Import LiveView Image: Demonstrates how to import your own image into a LiveView.

Run the AutoPoll Manager: Demonstrates how to run the Trackster AutoPoll Manager to start the schedules that you have created for Historical Data and Alarm collection.

Enable/Disable Inputs and Outputs: Demonstrates how to enable and disable inputs and output on a controller using the Trackster software.

Download Historical Data Via LiveViews: Demonstrates how to download historical data from a controller via LiveViews.

Direct Data Download: Demonstrates how to download historical data quickly - The Direct Download procedure is useful for when you simply want to retrieve historical data from a controller without having to connect to the controller via LiveViews.

Create Report: Demonstrates how to create a trend report

Create a Custom LiveView: Demonstrates how to create a LiveView. The concepts learned in this video will help you create a LiveView that is specific to your cooling tower and/or boiler system.

Report Formula (Calculation): Demonstrates how to create a custom formula and then use that formula in a report.

Connect To Controller: Demonstrates how to connect to a controller

Configure Timed Events: Demonstrates how to configure a relay (chemical pump) to turn on/off based on Time.

Configure Sensor Controlled Relay: Demonstrates how to setup a relay (pump) to be controlled by the values of a analog sensor (pH, ORP, Conductivity, etc).

Configure Relay Interlocks: Demonstrates how to configure relay interlocks

Multiflex Password Reset:Shows you how to reset all Multiflex passwords using an Upgrade Code. To receive an Upgrade Code, send a request to and make sure you include the Serial Number of your Multiflex controller.

Download Multiflex Data Via HyperTerminal: Explains how to download and capture Multiflex historical data using HyperTerminal.

Configuring Trackster 3 Database Permissions: Shows you how to give all users Write persmissions (or Full Control) to the Trackster 3 database. This video is helpful if you are receiving an error message (Operation must use an updateable query) when attempting to add a System (or Site) and/or a Controller to Trackster Explorer.

AutoPoll Historical Data Setup: Shows you how to configure AutoPoll to collect historical data from a controller. AutoPoll Historical Data is useful for when you want to automatically collect and import historical data into Trackster. Also, you can email out historical data to colleagues that do not have a connection to the controller.

AutoPoll Alarms Setup: Shows you how to configure a controller for AutoPolling Alarms. AutoPolling Alarms will allow you to be notified via email and/or cell phone when an alarm occurs on the controller.

The Zoom-In On Report Data: Shows you how to Zoom-In and Zoom-Out on a report page. Zooming is useful when you need to need to see more detail on a trend.

Open System Properties: Shows you how to open a controller's System Properties page. The System Properties page is where you can view and/or edit the controller's clock, diagnostic info, dial-out information, etc.

Configure Meter Sequence Controlled Relay: Shows you how to configure a relay to turn on based on the volume of a meter and then turn off based on the volume of another meter. Typical application for a Meter Sequence control is Feed Verification.

Configure Meter Equation Controlled Relay: Shows you how to configure a relay to turn on/off based on the volume reading a meter.

Configure Feed Verification: Shows you how to configure a relay for feed verification.

Add Image To LiveView: Shows you how to add an image to a Live View. This is useful for when you want to customize a Live View.

Aegis Historical Data Download: Shows you how to download historical data from an Aegis controller

Import Controller Data Into Microsoft Excel: Shows you how to import controller historical data into Microsoft Excel in a readable columnar format.

Formula - DBNull Error Fix: Shows you how to fix the 'Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'Integer' is not valid.' error that may occur in Trackster 3 when creating a new Formula.


Installation Requirements:

To install Trackster 3.2, you must have a valid Trackster 3.2 Serial Number (or Product Key). If you do not have a Trackster 3.2 Serial Number you can aquire one by contacting ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP through Windows 10
  • 1.0 GHz processor
  • 512 MB of RAM (1 GB recommended)
  • 1GB of free hard disk space
  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework
  • MDAC 2.8

  • Microsoft .NET Framework Installation

    (Click here) to download the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (For Windows 7 or older)
    (Click here) to download the instructions for enabling the .NET Framework on Windows 10. (If you are running Windows 10, you will need to enable the .NET Framework 3.5)


Download Instructions:

NOTICE: During the Trackster 3.2 installation process you will be required to enter a valid serial number. Please contact ProMinent Fluid Controls if you need a serial number.

  1. Click here to download Trackster 3.2.5385 or Click here to download (**FOR WINDOWS XP ONLY**)
  2. To install Trackster 3, you must be logged onto your Operating System as an Administrator
  3. Save the Trackster zip file to your desktop
  4. Unzip the contents to your desktop
  5. Run the "setup.exe" installer by double-clicking it.
  6. Follow the Trackster Installer instructions

Note #1: You do not need to uninstall your current version of Trackster 3.2 prior to installing the new version. Also, you will NOT lose any existing data.

Note #2: If you expect non-Administrators to be using Trackster, it is critical that you confirm that all users have Read/Write access to the Trackster database. Follow the instructions in the Configuring Trackster 3 Database Permissions video to learn how to give all users "Full Control" access to the Trackster database.

Instructions for auto-starting AutoPoll:

  1. Install Trackster 3.2.5385
  2. Navigate to the Trackster root directory ("\Program Files (x86)\Aquatrac\Trackster")
  3. Open the file named "config.ini" in Notepad
  4. Set autopoll-open = true
  5. Set autopoll-start = true
  6. Save the "config.ini" file
  7. Done

AutoPoll Variables Rules Explained

  1. If autopoll-open = true, Trackster will automatically open the AutoPoll Manager window when Trackster boots up.
  2. If autopoll-start = true, Trackster will automatically start executing the schedules that exist in the AutoPoll Manager Queue when Trackster boots up.
    Note: This setting is ignored if autopoll-open = false

Trackster Installation Instructions:

Windows 7 Windows Vista
Download file Download file


Installation Problems with MDAC

If you receive an error (during Trackster 3 installation) that says something like "This setup does not support installing on this operating system", more likely than not, this error is caused by the Windows XP Operating System and the MDAC 2.8 Installer.

To resolve this problem, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Trackster 3 CD
  2. Open the folder named "MDAC28"
  3. Right-click the file named "mdac_typ.exe"
  4. Select "Properties"
  5. Click the "Compatibility" tab
  6. Select the checkbox named "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
  7. In the drop-down box (in the Compatibility Mode area), select "Windows 2000"
  8. Click the "OK" button
  9. Double-click the "mdac_typ.exe" program to install the MDAC
  10. Follow the on-screen instructions
  11. Done