CO2 Controller

Effective pH control in pool water

The ProMinent® CO2 Feeder is designed to utilize Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the control of pH levels in pools and spas.
There are a number of advantages when using CO2 for pH control compared to acid. Adding CO2 will not contribute to a TDS increase in water, thus reducing the amount of make-up water required to maintain the water quality. It is much safer, as there is no mineral acid solution or fumes present on-site, which solves the problems associated with handling acid and corrosive fumes. It is also simple to install and operate.
The ProMinent® CO2 Feeder is equipped with all the necessary components for easy installation, reliable performance and safe operation. The design incorporates an electronic solenoid valve and a manually adjustable flow-meter.

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Order Information

Description Part No.
CO2-50 Feed Unit, 5-50 SCFH 7746991
CO2-200 Feed Unit, 20-200 SCFH 7746928
CO2-50E Feed Unit, 5-50 SCFH w/ Educator
(Consists of P/N: 7746991 + 7746942)
CO2-50D Feed Unit, 5-50 SCFH w/ Diffuser
(Consists of P/N: 7746991 + 7746926)
CO2-200E Feed Unit, 20-200 SCFH w/ Educator
(Consists of P/N: 7746928 + 7746942)

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  • Overall Feeder Dimensions: 8.2”H x 7.4”W x 7.5”D (w/ Mtg. Feet)
  • Overall Weight of Feeder: < 5 lbs.
  • Power Requirements: 120VAC, 60Hz, 1 Phase, 0.15 Amp
  • Maximum Volume: 5-50 SCFH or 20-200 SCFH
  • Maximum Pressure:  100 PSIG
  • Normal Operating pressure: 40 PSIG
  • Recommended Running Temperature:  +40oF to 100oF
  • Inlet Connection Size: 3/8” OD Tube
  • Outlet Connection Size: 3/8” OD Tube


Cut Sheet: CO2 Controller | Part #: 7750507 | Updated: 8/17/21

Manuals And Instructions

Manual: CO2 Feeder | Part #: 7746944 | Updated: 9/14/12