DCM Weather Hood Kit

When Outdoor Installations Are Your Only Option!

ProMinent® is proud to announce the availability of the new DCM Weather Hood Kit. The kit, which requires assembly on-site and is constructed of opaque black polypropylene, provides a degree of protection from environmental conditions when an outdoor installation of a DCM controller is the only option.(1) Call your Regional Manager for more details.

(1) ProMinent® chemical controllers are not intended for outdoor installation. The offering and use of the DCM hood does not change this installation best practice guideline or change ProMinent’s standard warranty statement. The DCM hood is designed to offer additional protection for the controller in situations where no other installation option other than outdoors is available. The user and/or installer of a ProMinent controller in an outdoor installation, with or without the DCM hood, assume full responsibility for any damage caused by environmental conditions.


  • Reduces enviromental exposure
  • Can be used with existing controller package
  • Made from opaque polypropylene
  • Sold seperately

Ordering Information

  • DCM Weather Hood Kit P/N 1113780




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