DULCOTEST Sensor Technology

ProMinent® describes the use of measuring and control technologies for fluid metering as “intelligent metering”. Using the right measuring and control technology can help to substantially optimize metering of fluid chemicals.

The use of the correct measuring and control technology grants a list of advantages for the metering of fluid chemicals:

  • Increased process safety
  • More efficient process guidance (e.g. increase in product quality)
  • Cost-savings for metering-chemicals
  • Cost-savings for the disposal of metering-chemical-surpluses (effluent costs!)
  • Transparency of the measuring data in real-time

Our product families for measuring and control technology offer a complete product range ideally adjusted to your metering tasks.


A wide range of sensors allows exact registering of the concentration for almost every important metering task.

We offer sensors for the following variables:

A large range of suitable fittings leads to the possibility of tailor-made and easy integration of the sensors into your process. The installation of these sensors may be effected as follows:

  • In the bypass of the main stream of the process water flow
  • In the dip pipe for containers or channels
  • Directly in the piping

We offer the following types of fittings:

  • In-line sensor housing
  • Dip pipe
  • Changeover fitting
  • Adaptor