Dulcodes LP Food & Beverage UV ‐ Systems

Chemical-free disinfection of production water for the food and beverage industry!

Pioneering water treatment ‐ highly efficient UV system Dulcodes LP F&B with Vario‐Flux lamp and dynamic lamp heating. The reduced number of lamps and minimal use of energy deliver maximum efficiency and minimal operating costs.

Optimized flow in the radiation changes results in an even dose of radiation across the entire volumetric flow. At the same time the pressure loss is kept minimal.

The Dulcodes LP F&B is the first UV system to be quickly and precisely controllable over a wide temperature range. It automatically adapts to changing flows or changes of water temperature.


  • Efficient, safe and chemical-free disinfection of product water in the food and beverage industry
  • Hygienic design without gaps and dead space, triclamp connectors, surface roughness Ra <0.8 internal and external, FDA-compliant materials
  • Adapted disinfection with varying flows and water temperatures


  • Electrical Certification: UL 508A, CSA C22.2 No. 14


  • Increased flow output with a minimum number of lamps and minimum pressure loss
  • Reduced operating costs due to the long service life of Vario-Flux high-output lamps with low energy consumption and high UV output


  • Food & Beverage production

Lamp type

  • Vario-Flux low pressure lamp

Controller type

  • Comfort controller

Permissible operating pressure

  • 145.3 psi

Permissible ambient temperature

  • 41-104 °F

Permissible water temperature

  • 36.5-158 °F

Enclosure rating

  • IP 66


Type # of Lamps Max. Flow


Lamp Power


Connected Load


Reactor Length


Minimum Clearence for Service




Tri‐clamp connector width


Dulcodes 1x350LP 1 9 370 430 64.6 57.7 6.6 4”
Dulcodes 2x350LP 2 25 2 × 270 835 64.6 57.7 10.0 6”
Dulcodes 3x230LP 3 43 3 × 270 1,240 74.2 61.6 12.8 8”
Note: Additional flange sizes available upon request based on flow range and pipe velocity. All dimensions/ weights are approximates.
UV System Flowrates Sized for 95% UVT