New Products

ProMinent Chlorination Package

Water Treatment Systems for Building Re-opening

These chlorination packages in conjunction with ProMinent chemical pumps will provide a superior level of confidence that the water in your building or cooling tower is "ready for use" when used in accordance with EPA recommendations and administered by a water professional.(...more)

DULCO flex Control

Intelligent peristaltic metering pump

he DULCO flex Control is an intelligent peristaltic metering pump that is valve-free and has the accuracy of a diaphragm pump. Applications include gaseous, highly viscous, abrasive, shear-sensitive and chemically aggressive fluids.(...more)

New ProMinent Systems Library

The NEW ProMinent Systems Library is a searchable database of ProMinent Engineered Systems drawings. Find engineering drawings and images of proven ProMinent Engineered Systems Solutions based on physical characteristics of the pumping system you need to purchase or specify. Search by number and type of pumps, piping material and size, floor or wall mounting, enclosure, or even application (...more)

SlimFlex 5 Controller

The most innovative and flexible water treatment controller available

Introducing flexible programming with ProMinent's SlimFlex 5 Built-in WiFi Hotspot.Enhanced, responsive browser views for smart phones and tablets makes programming fastand easy!(...more)

Dulcometer® DACb Controller

Intelligent measuring and controlling

ProMinent® introduces its latest multi-parameter controller, the DACb. Built on the existing DACa platform, the DACb now offers one, two or three channels for the continuous measurement and control of process variables in water and wastewater applications.(...more)

Evolution™ Series Process Pumps

Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps

The ProMinent® Evolution Series pumps are API 675, 3rd Edition compliant and meet the most exacting safety requirements as an extremely robust hydraulic diaphragm metering pump design. (...more)

AEGIS II Controller

The most innovative and flexible water treatment controller available

The new AEGIS II provides reliable control and offers the most flexible communication options to optimize efficiency and profitability for all your cooling, boiler, and waste water or disinfection applications. (...more)

gamma/ X Metering Pump

X-tremely clever!

The new gamma/ X is the first metering pump with predictive intelligence. Thanks to its controlled solenoid drive with sensor-free pressure measurement, it detects hydraulic faults even in the case of minimal deviations – immediately and optimally matching its output to the pressure conditions and properties of the medium while protecting the pump and piping systems from overload situations. (...more)

ProMdry™ Dry Chemical Feed System

Compact Dry Chemical Feed Package

The ProMdryTM system is designed to mix dry chemicals into solution prior to adding to the water treatment process. The volumetric feeder dispenses dry chemical into the mix tank while the flow switch is monitoring water entering the mix tank. The dry chemical and the water are introduced directly into the prop style tank mixer, where they are mixed into solution. The solution is then drawn from the opposite side of the tank to the process. (...more)

Chlorine Analyzer Packages

New Technology, Durable Design

ProMinent® Packaged Analyzers provide precise monitoring or control of free and total chlorine for potable and wastewater applications. These engineered systems utilize the latest amperometric sensor technology resulting in a “reagent-free” on-line analysis with no colorometric concerns or reagents.

These chlorine packages are fully plumbed, wired and assembled on a backpanel for easy wall mounting. Choose one of three packages by just selecting one part number which includes a microprocessor analyzer, flow cell, flow sensor and a 10 ppm total or free chlorine sensor.(...more)