PolyRex Polymer Feed System

Integrated Dry / Liquid Polymer Feed System

The PolyRex is a turn-key automatic feed system for batch-wise preparation and metering of polymer solutions from powdered or liquid chemicals.
The PolyRex feeds an adjustable flow of powdered or liquid polymers and an adjustable flow of preparation and dilution water. The PolyRex uses a step-by-step mixing system to effectively hydrate and mix the polymer to a homogenous and activated polymer solution. The initial step is the hydration system, where the polymer is wetted, followed by water acceleration in the ejector, and the efficient but gentle agitating in the mixing tank. The PolyRex step-by-step mixing system provides you with the most efficient way to produce a polymer solution.

Features & Benefits

  • Powder or liquid polymer feeder
  • Choice of hydration systems
  • Automatic water control
  • Preparation/stock tanks in various sizes
  • User friendly control logic
  • Proven multiscrew technology
  • Highly effective static mixer
  • Vacuum conveyer option
  • Variety of bulk bag handling sytems
  • Modular, Compact, Reliable design

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Cut Sheet: PolyRex | Part #: 7750417 | Updated: 8/17/21

Case Study

Case Study: Coal Power Plant | Part #: 7750203 | Updated: 5/23/13