ProMinent Optimo Wetting System

Wetting system

The ProMinent Optimo wetting system is adapted for very high efficiency of polymer mixing. The unique construction has been developed especially for customers with high demands.
Optimo consists of a closed wetting system with a double screw feeder; heated outlet area and a mixing pump for highest possible efficiency. This results in an accurate, reliable and dust free preparation of polymer solutions.
Optimo in combination with the ProMinent PolyRex provides a complete system that offers clear polymer solution with minimal polymer consumption.

Features & Benefits

  • Accurate powder feeding with double-screw design.
  • Outlet valve to prevent moisture from reaching the polymer powder.
  • Heated wetting area, which prevents condensation.
  • Suitable for use with both high and low water pressure.
  • Superior mixing that guarantees both clear solutions and minimal polymer consumption.
  • Inlet at the bottom of the mixing tank, which eliminates any risk for foaming.


  • Pneumatic outlet valve
  • Heated outlet cone
  • Transparent wetting pipe
  • Mixing pump
  • Inlet at the bottom of the mixing tank
  • PLC automation with alarm control