New Updated Design!

The ProMinent® ProMix‐SMS brings a new and effective way for rapid mix and dispersion of water treatment chemicals and disinfectants. The unique design allows for ease of installation and in many cases eliminates custom mounting rails and costly installation labor. The mixing blade design minimizes and, in some cases, eliminates scaling problems which lead to premature failures. The chemical injection points can be adjusted to enhance maximum performance in various flows and installation configurations offering optimum results for performance and control of chemical additions. .

Features and benefits

  • Rapid chemical dispersion
  • Broad coverage, low horsepower
  • Enhanced chemical reactions
  • Works with most liquid chemicals
  • Designed for easy installation
  • Maximum chemical performance, minimum chemical dosage
  • Channel for power and chemical lines
  • Designed to minimize scaling
  • Enhances process control, reduces lag times
  • Eliminates short circuiting in process
  • Adaptable for custom and retrofit installations
  • 2, 5, 10 HP models available

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Capacity Data

Horsepower Pipe diameter in feet
2 up to 4
5 4 to 8
10 8 to 16+




Cut Sheet: ProMixTM SMS | Part #: 7750246 | Updated: 8/17/21

Manuals And Instructions

Manual: ProMinen? PromixTM- SMS Chemical Mixing System | Part #: Version 01-23-2020 | Updated: 1/23/20

ProMi? Instructional Videos

Video: ProMinent ProMixTM- SMS Dye Dispersion Test | Part #: xxxxxx | Updated: 4/18/16