Makro Series

Rugged, accurate and dependable pumps!

The ProMinent® Makro TZMb is a mechanically or hydraulically actuated motor driven diaphragm metering pump.
The stroke length can be adjusted by means of the shift ring mechanism from 0-10 mm (TZMb), with 0.5 % accuracy. The 5-speed gearbox is encased in a cast, seawater resistant, acrylic resin lacquered housing. Liquid ends are available in different material combinations to suit differing applications.
The suction lift varies according to the density and viscosity of the medium, the dimension of the pipework and the pump stroke rate. Reproducibility of metering is better than ±2 % in the stroke length range from 30 % -100 % subject to defined conditions and correct installation.


  • The addition of chemicals based on measured values, e.g. acid and caustic metering for pH neutralization in wastewater treatment
  • Metering of treatment agents in industrial production technology
  • Time-controlled metering of chemicals for ion exchange regeneration
  • Varied Water and wastewater treatment applications
  • Some heavy industrial applications

Features and benefits

  • Supplied as a single or dual-headed version
  • Add on pumps can easily be retrofitted on site if necessary
  • Each pump has its own independent stroking frequency due to its own internal gear reducer
  • Stroke rate: Standard speed motor or variable automatic capacity adjustment
  • Gear housing: cast housing with a coorosion resistant acrylic resin lacquer finish