Solenoid Diaphragm Metering Pump

Solenoid diaphragm metering pumps from ProMinent deliver reliable metering even under the harshest operating conditions. Solenoid diaphragm metering pumps with an output range of 0.74 to 75 l/h at a back pressure of 16 - 2 bar can be used in virtually all applications.

Concept b Metering Pump

Quality, reliability and the best value!

The ProMinent® Concept b series covers a capacity range of 0.19 to 4.33 GPH (0.7 to 14.9 LPH) at pressures up to 232 psi (16 bar).
Its compact construction and features make it ideal for use in flow proportional or on/off control applications. (...more)

Beta b Metering Pump

Energy efficient and NSF approved

The ProMinent® Beta is a microprocessor-based diaphragm solenoid metering pump capable of flows from 0.16 to 8.45 gph (0.59 to 32 l/h) and pressures to 363 psi (25 bar). (...more)

gamma/ X Metering Pump

X-tremely clever!

The new gamma/ X is the first metering pump with predictive intelligence. Thanks to its controlled solenoid drive with sensor-free pressure measurement, it detects hydraulic faults even in the case of minimal deviations – immediately and optimally matching its output to the pressure conditions and properties of the medium while protecting the pump and piping systems from overload situations. (...more)

gamma/ XL Metering Pump

Automatic Degassing for Critical Applications!

he new solenoid-driven metering pump gamma/ XL is the enhancement to our proven gamma/ X and covers a capacity of up to 21 GPH and pressures up to 363 PSI. The gamma/ XL also offers additional interfaces, such as CAN bus, making the gamma/ XL connectable to all systems, devices and platforms. Like the gamma/ X, the gamma/ XL has an intuitive operating concept. The pump is adjusted using a click wheel and 4 additional operating keys. Hydraulic error statuses, such as "Gas in the dosing head", "Overpressure" and "No pressure" can be detected. (...more)

gamma/ L Metering Pump

No Longer Available - Please see the gamma/ X page!!

The ProMinent® gamma/ L is a microprocessor-based diaphragm solenoid metering pump capable of flows from 0.16 to 8.4 gph (0.59 to 32 l/h) and pressures up to 290 psi (20 bar). The calibrated flow is displayed in gph or L/h. The large illuminated LCD display ensures that all displayed variables are easy to read. (...more)

delta Metering Pump

No Longer Available - Please see the gamma/ XL page!!

The delta is a solenoid driven, diaphragm metering pump. It covers a feed range from 2.0 gph at 363 psi (8 l/h at 25 bar) to 20 gph at 29 psi (75 l/h at 2 bar). Due to its wide adjustment range – both the stroke length and the stroke rate can be varied. This reduces the variety of replacement parts and therefore the operating costs. (...more)

DulcoFlow Flow Meter

The DulcoFlow flow meter measures all liquid media. The amount of liquid which has passed through in pulsing flow regimes are measured. (...more)