Legionella Prevention

The increasing number of deaths caused by Legionaires’ Disease are focusing public interest on this problem. Instead of combating isolated symptoms, ProMinent offers integrated solutions for solving the Legionella problem at its source. (...more)

Process Overview Legionella Prevention

Process Overview Legionella Prevention

Chlorine dioxide and ozone are the most successful and economical disinfectants for controlling Legionella infestations in water systems, as they efficiently break down biofilms and prevent them from re-forming.

ProMinent Processes for Legionella Prevention

Chlorine Dioxide for Combating Legionella in Drinking Water

Chlorine dioxide is the most reliable disinfectant for combating legionella in drinking water because it not only eliminates the pathogenic bacteria but also biofilm as a cause of disease.

Chlorine Dioxide for Cooling Water Disinfection

Very good depot action and strongly reduced AOX-values in the waste water: Just two out of many advantages.

Ozone for Cooling Water Disinfection

The stongest disinfectant in water treatment: Ozone shows excellent efficacy even at low concentrations, at any pH value - at very low operating costs.

Product Overview Legionella Prevention

Chlorine Dioxide Plants Bello Zon® CDKc

Capacity range: 7,5 - 150g/h to 600-12.000 g/h
This plant produces chlorine dioxide for large water quantities. The continuous water treatment is particularly economic thanks to the use of concentrated chemicals.

Chlorine Dioxide Plants Bello Zon® CDVc

Capacity range: 1 - 20 g/h to 20 - 2.000 g/h
The ideal system for medium to large water quantities. The continuous treatment is safe and simple thanks to the use of diluted chemicals. (...more)

Chlorine Dioxide System Legio Zon®

Up to 5 g/h of chlorine dioxide, especially for the combat of legionella in smaller and mid-sized public buildings, such as hospitals, hotels or sports complexes. (...more)

Chlorine Dioxide Measurement

As an alternative to Chlorine compounds (drinking water treatment) or to peracetic acid (food and beverage industries) for the oxidation and disinfection of waters Chlorine dioxide is used. In this context, the measurement of this parameter equally gains importance. (...more)

Bono Zon® Ozone Generator

Performance range 80 – 720 g/h (larger generators on request)
A range of compact ozone generators with integrated gas conditioning application. Bono Zon® generators work using positive suction pressure and are therefore particularly reliable. (... please contact factory for more information)

OZONFILT® Ozone Generator

Performance range 5 - 90 g/h
Range of universal compact ozone generators. Air or oxygen is used as the operating gas. (... please contact factory for more information)

Ozone Measurement

Ozone is the strongest oxidant used for water treatment to a great extent and has the strongest near-term disinfection efficiency. (...more)


Biofilms - breeding ground for legionella

Biofilms are slimy deposits of microorganisms and extracellular substances in piping systems and tanks. These deposits are the breeding ground for many pathogenic germs such as E. coli or legionella and also protect them from chemical and physical influences. Microorganisms that occur in biofilms are extremely resistant to disinfectants. (... please contact factory for more information)