Food Industry

Perfect hygiene has first priority in the food industry. Therefore, ProMinent provides for highest standards in cleanness right from the beginning: with reliable complete solutions for water treatment and hygiene in the entire production chain and for all food branches. (...more)

Food Industry Product Overview

Chlorine Dioxide Plants Bello Zon® CDKc

Capacity range: 7,5 - 150g/h to 600-12.000 g/h
This plant produces chlorine dioxide for large water quantities. The continuous water treatment is particularly economic thanks to the use of concentrated chemicals. (...more)

Chlorine Dioxide Plants Bello Zon® CDVc

Capacity range: 1 - 20 g/h to 20 - 2.000 g/h
The ideal system for medium to large water quantities. The continuous treatment is safe and simple thanks to the use of diluted chemicals. (...more)

ORLITA® DR Rotating Plunger Pump

Performance range 0 - 1,057 gph (0 – 4,000 L/h) per pump head, max. pressure 9,137 psig (630 bar). Metering pump with valveless rotating plunger metering head. Particularly suitable therefore for precision metering of highly viscous media, even containing a proportion of solids, for example in the food industry. (...more)

Measuring, Control and Sensor Technology

ProMinent describe the use of measuring and control technologies for fluid metering as “intelligent metering”. Using the right measuring and control technology can help to substantially optimize metering of fluid chemicals. (...more)

Chlorine Dioxide System Legio Zon®

Up to 5 g/h of chlorine dioxide, especially for the combat of legionella in smaller and mid-sized public buildings, such as hospitals, hotels or sports complexes. (...more)

Dulcodes UV Generators

With ProMinent Dulcodes UV Generators, reliable and chemical-free water treatment for disinfection purposes and degradation of unwanted components are possible. Easy installation, low maintenance and a large selection of types, result in most economical solutions for a variety of applications. (...more)