Food Industry

Perfect hygiene has first priority in the food industry. Therefore, ProMinent provides for highest standards in cleanness right from the beginning: with reliable complete solutions for water treatment and hygiene in the entire production chain and for all food branches.

In lots of countries, water for the processing of food as well as utility water must correspond to the quality of potable water. The microbial infection of food with product-damaging or pathogenic micro-organisms as well as their propagation within the factory must be absolutely avoided. Surfaces of machines in the food industry as well as the corresponding production facilities must always be hygienically perfect. In this respect ProMinent offers a broad spectrum of water treatment and disinfection technologies.

As a worldwide specialist in germ elimination and disinfection we cover the dosing technology for liquid chemicals as well as all common technologies for water disinfection. Our experts have detailed know-how of the food industry  - a decisive plus for guaranteeing highest product quality.

  • Consistent solutions for all production processes:
    from product water treatment to waste water treatment – all from a single source.
  • Project assistance right from the beginning: planning, installation, start-up, maintenance and service
  • Low investment costs thanks to precise measurement, control and dosing technology tailored to the specific needs of the food industry
  • Revolutionary disinfection procedures by the worldwide leader in technology
  • High operating comfort, reliable process cycles, low maintenance
  • High safety standard by application-optimized accessories