Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Water Treatment in Swimming Pools is a complex challenge. For decades, ProMinent has been one of the leading partners in the Swimming Pool section and has offered comprehensive solutions. Be it flocculation, filtration, pH correction or disinfection – ProMinent systems are interrelated and individually combinable. (...more)

Process Overview Swimming Pool

Complete Solutions for Swimming Pools

ProMinent solutions are comprehensive and integral and offer all that is necessary for the treatment of swimming pool water. Here, we show, what we offer for which applications in swimming pools. (...more)

Processes in Swimming Pool Water Treatment

Disinfection of Swimming Pool Water with Chlorine

For chlorine-based disinfection, commonly used chemicals are: sodium hypochlorite, chlorine gas and calcium hypochlorite. (...more)

Oxidation/Disinfection of Swimming Pool Water with Ultraviolet Light and Ozone

Complimenting conventional disinfection with chlorine, disinfection or oxidation steps with Ultraviolet light and Ozone are also available. Both UV generators and Ozone generators can handle difficult conditions and/or reduce the use of sodium hypochlorite to a minimum. (...more)

Metering of Flocculant in Swimming Pool Water

Swimming pool water treatment includes the metering of flocculants in order to achieve optimal filtration results. Challenge: constant and exact metering of small amounts. No Problem for ProMinent Metering Pumps. (...more)

Product Overview

New F module: additional functionality

You'll have heard it said that the person holding the remote control is in charge. The same is true with the powerful measuring and control unit DULCOMARIN® II. The new F module is a further extension because it can be used to control additional peripheral components and devices as and when needed. (...more)

Chlorine Dioxide Plants Bello Zon® CDLb

Chlorine dioxide is increasingly gaining acceptance, particularly in the control of Legionella and other bacteria in the potable water used in public buildings such as hospitals, hotels or sports complexes. With the new Bello Zon® system, the requirements of smaller and mid-sized buildings can be reliably handled too. (...more)

Multi-Channel-Multi-Parameter Measuring and Control System DULCOMARIN® II

The multi-channel measuring and control system DULCOMARIN® II Disinfection Controller processes and regulates measured values from up to 16 drinking water systems or cooling water lines. Metering pumps and metering and generation systems for disinfectants can be controlled directly on the basis of these measured parameters. The standardised CAN-bus system is utilised for networking the actuators andsensors to the control unit. (...more)

Measuring and control device DULCOMETER® Compact

The new measuring and control device DULCOMETER® Compact for pH and redox measured variables is equipped with the standard functions for use in water treatment plants, allowing the operator to switch between the measured variables pH and redox, and between P and PID control characteristics. (...more)

Membrane Electrolysis Systems CHLORINSITU® IV compact

The CHLORINSITU® IV compact range of electrolysis systems generates ultra-pure chlorine gas in a vacuum process that can immediately and safely be dissolved in water within the system as hypochlorous acid. Thanks to the membrane technology used, the sodium hydroxide generated can be collected separately and optionally used to adjust the ph value. (…more)


The best solutions are simple: The peristaltic pump DULCO®flex is a functional and inexpensive solution for a low-noise metering of disinfectants, chemicals for pH-correction or scents in the sauna. (...more)

pH Measurement

The pH value describes the acidity or alkalinity of a medium and thus constitutes one of the most important chemical variables. The online measurement and the adjustment of the pH value are used at various process stages in water treatment, the industrial production and of quality controls for fluids. (...more)

Chlorine Measurement

Chlorination is the most popular form of water disinfection. Applications range from drinking water treatment to swimming pool water disinfection - and industrial water treatment e.g. cooling and process water treatment. (...more)

Redox Measurement

The Redox potential measures oxidants or reducing agents in a medium. The measurement of this parameter is relatively cost-efficient, however, it has also some disadvantages: These include non-selective determination of a defined oxidant or reducing agent, strong pH dependence, and the measured signal has a saturation curve with increasing concentration. (...more)

Dulcodes UV Generators

With ProMinent Dulcodes UV Generators, reliable and chemical-free water treatment for disinfection purposes and degradation of unwanted components are possible. Easy installation, low maintenance and a large selection of types, result in most economical solutions for a variety of applications. (...more)