Solutions by Market

At ProMinent we serve customers and solve their chemical fluid handling and water treatment problems most effectively and efficiently through established networks of qualified sales and authorized distribution channels among several markets. Our relationships with these proven experts and leaders are ones that we hold dear and nurture through training, communication and, most importantly our shared values and commitment to serve.

Main Markets Served:

Industrial Chemical Fluid Handling and Water Treatment Solutions

A ProMinent Solution for Your Industry

Every industry has its own peculiarities. This is especially true for water treatment and chemical fluid handling processes. We at ProMinent recognize this and have adapted our products and services accordingly. However, ProMinent does not have a team of specialists for each and every industry either. Therefore we have two business areas with different focuses: Chemical Fluid Handling (CFH) and Water Treatment Solutions (WTS). (...more)



Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Solutions

ProMinent Public Drinking Water & Municipal Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Municipal potable water and waste water treatment applications come with countless variables such as engineering specifications, government regulations and funding and the highest standards in disinfection for public water quality. Together, ProMinent and our uniquely talented and qualified municipal representation network are ideally qualified and experienced to address these nuances better than any other organization in the country, if not the entire world. (...more)


Utilities (Cooling Tower and Boiler) Water Treatment and Chemical Fluid Handling Solutions

ProMinent Solutions for Chemical Feed, Cooling Tower & Boiler Water Treatment

ProMinent offers a wide range of solutions for utility water treatment. Our offering for chemical water treatment companies includes cooling tower and boiler controllers, metering pumps, chem-feed and control systems for use from commercial institutional to heavy industry. (...more)


Aquatics Water Treatment and Advanced Disinfection Solutions

ProMinent Disinfection Solutions for Pools, Spas and Water Parks & Attractions

Water Treatment in Swimming Pools, spas and fountains is a complex challenge. For decades, ProMinent has been one of the leading global partners in these areas and has offered comprehensive solutions. We have invested heavily in recent years in establishing a qualified network of distributors uniquely qualified to solve these same problems in the United States. Be it flocculation, filtration, pH correction or disinfection – ProMinent systems are inter-adjusted and individually combinable. Whether for a 33 ft. (10m) pool in a hotel or a care facility or for a water park with more than 20 pools. (...more)


Marine Based Solutions for Water Treatment

ProMinent Water Treatment Solutions for Maritime based Vessels

On cruisers and ferries there are many different tasks when it comes to water treatment: drinking and wastewater treatment, bathing water and process water treatment. Large ships are to be self-sufficient in the provision of drinking water. To accomplish this, ships are equipped with reverse osmosis equipment, which prepares vitally important drinking water from unsavory seawater by removing the saline solution. Ships can extract water from the sea outside the 15-mile zone.. (...more)