Motor Driven Diaphragm Pumps



At ProMinent we serve customers and solve their chemical fluid handling and water treatment problems most effectively and efficiently through established networks of qualified sales and authorized distribution channels among several markets. Our relationships with these proven experts and leaders are ones that we hold dear and nurture through training, communication and, most importantly our shared values and commitment to serve. (...more)


Every industry has its own peculiarities. This is especially true for water treatment and chemical fluid handling processes. We at ProMinent recognize this and have adapted our products and services accordingly. However, ProMinent does not have a team of specialists for each and every industry either. Therefore we have two business areas with different focuses: Chemical Fluid Handling (CFH) and Water Treatment Solutions (WTS). (...more)


Would you like to optimize or automate an existing application, for example, to reduce chemical consumption? Or are you looking for the possibility to neutralize wastewater in accordance with local regulations, to automate with measurement and control? Or would you like to meter chemicals precisely into a complex process then monitor and control this action via a supervisory PLC? If you are looking for more than “just” a metering pump, a sensor, a controller or a disinfection system then we can help you! (...more)